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During the British rule, H.R.BAT I.C.S is the settlement officer of Tuticorin division. He mentions about the worship methods of Hindus, especially the Dravidians at poja number 107 in his book “Madras district–Thirunelveli division volume 1-1917. He mentioned as follows:
“The people believe that the Gods are ruling and protect them. Not only they worship Lord Shiva, Vishnu but also they worships Kali, Sudalamaadan, Saastha in different forms. During the carnival the people offer food, meat and wine (saarayam) to their Gods.

In the Aindhuveetu Swamy temple people worship without any discrimination. During the poja, they made sounds by using the temple bell and the conch (sangu). No other musical instrument is allowed in this temple. In each shrine Annavi put a thilagam in the devotees forehead with the Thirumanikatti. The Bidi leaf and the Thirumanikatti are the prasadham of this temple. No vibudhi or kumkum. The temple will provide the pot and other vessels for cooking food for the Gods. Here, people cook the meat of goat, pig, chicken and offer to the Gods. This is the worship methods of Dravidians. At first, the cattle select as offering brings to in front of the shrine of Sri Periyaswamy. Then, the Annavi chant mandhra (paathappaal) in its ears. Next the offering sent to cook. After the poja, all devotees share the food and eats. There is no bad smell even non-veg cooks in many places inside the temple”.

Moreover, H.R.Bat collects many details from the local people and writes about many areas in Thirunelveli district in his book written in 1916. The details mentioned about the Aindhuveetu Swamy temple are as follows: