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Ruthra Boodham as Aathiswamy

One sorcerer daily comes to “Aathi Kovil” by airway from Malayalam. He made some poja and return back. On the third day of the temple festival, Periyaswamy went to Aathi Kovil. The temple already locked. Periyaswamy open the door and worship. The sorcerer opens the temple for his usual poja, on seeing the fresh flowers he understands that somebody came to the temple. However, he surprised how the door could open. He guessed that the saint (Periyaswamy) made this. He goes to Periyaswamy and asks about the poja. Periyaswamy accepted the truth silently. The sorcerer warned Periyaswamy that he should not go Aathi kovil. However, Periyaswamy does the same for the second day. On seeing the poja at second day, the sorcerer gets anger. Again, he warned Periyaswamy. He worship and locked the temple strongly. On the third day, Periyaswamy does the same. The sorcerer came and argued with Periyaswamy. He did not like the poja done by Periyaswamy. Then the sorcerer returns to Malayalam to bring his master Malaiarasan.

The sorcerer explained about the incident to his master. The master sends an Apparition (boodham) to kill Periyaswamy. It goes to Periyaswamy. He told “shanthi” (peace) and the apparition calmed after hearing his word. This occurred again in the second time. On the third time, Malaiarasan send “Ruthra Boodham” which is very aggressive. This time the word of Periyaswamy did not calm the apparition. Now he thinks Annai Meenachi for help. Sri Meenachi appeared and saw the aggressive apparition. She made the apparition to calm state and she asked for what purpose it comes. It explained about the sorcerer and Malaiarasan who send it to kill Periyaswamy. It sorry for coming to kill the pilgrim of Annai Meenachi. The Goddess forgives the apparition and allows it to stay in the Aathi Kovil with twice offerings. However, the problem is, if once it aroused, it needs some sacrifice. Sri Meenachi told to take the persons who send it as a sacrifice. Then the apparition started to kill the sorcerers very aggressively. On seeing the aggressive ghost, the sorcerer and Malaiarasan run to save their life. At last, it kills both of them and gets “Shanthi” by the grace of Annai Meenachi. Finally, it came to Aathi Kovil and settled. Even today, it gets two offerings–“Macha panividai” and “Keerisuttan panividai” by the people.

This Aathi temple has many legendary stories. Once upon a time, an English collector went to this temple with his boots. When he gets inside, he feels over heat and suddenly he came outside. He said that there is some powerful spirit inside. Even today, people afraid to tell lies inside the temple and no one has dared to promise on that temple. It is more powerful still now. The specialty of this temple is the people who have problem in legs, they offer shoes or slippers to this temple. No other temples receive the shoes as offerings.

Miracles of Aathiswamy

One of the villagers of Pazhaniyapuram at Nellai district owned a goat. He reared the goat with great care to offer Aathiswamy. One day, the goat entered into the garden of the nearest neighbor. The person beats the goat with a big stick. The villager knows the power of Aathiswamy and so he said that the goat belongs to Aathiswamy temple. But the arrogant neighbor asks whether the goat of Aathiswamy has three horns. He makes fun of it. From that day, the goat really has three horns. The third horn is because of the power of Aathiswamy. This is a great lesson to the arrogant man and it proves that God is always with true pilgrims.

Divine Services (Panividai) by people

According to this temple, it is not easy to complete a “panividai”. The toughest is the “Aathi panividai”. If one may rear a goat for Aathi panividai, he should take lots of care and love. When we planned to take the goat to Aathiswamy temple, it should clean and decorated with flowers. The goat itself goes to the temple before us. It seems like a big function. On that day, we must invite all our relatives. If we leave any of the relative or conduct the function in a disdained manner, the goat will not come to the temple. It lay in between the way. The main concept of this Aathiswamy panividai is “Unity is Strength”. We should celebrate with all our relatives.

There is two other special panividai named “Macha panividai” and “Keerisuttan panividai”. People will do these Panividai if they have any obstacles in their works.