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Thirupuzhi Alwar

Meeting with Periyaswamy

‘Thirunagari’ is considering as one of the nine Thirupathi. At Thirunagari, the vaishnavas are the dominators. They are very pride with their mantras and always dominate other peoples. Swamigal decided to teach lessons to the vaishnavas. He thinks the way to teach them lesson and slept that night. In Swamigal’s dream, Annai Meenachi said to go Thirunagari and meet Thirupuzhi Azhwar. At the same time, in the dream of Thirupuzhi Azhwar, Annai Meenachi said ‘Periyaswamy is coming go and meet him’. On the next morning, Swamigal and Sollaiyappar started their travel to Thirunagari.

Both of them reached Thirunagari and meet Thirupuzhi Azhwar. He always sits in a cradle under a tamarind tree. The specialty of that cradle is, it also grow with him. Azhwar become happy to see Periyaswamy and welcome him. They talked for some time. Thirupuzhi Azhwar likes to go with Periyaswamy to Chettiyapathu. Swamigal said he would take him when he returns. Then Swamigal and Sollaiyappar decided to stay at Thirunagari to teach lessons for the vaishnavas.

Returns to Chettiyapathu

After teaching lesson to the vaishnavas, Swamigal came to Thirupuzhi Azhwar and stayed with for some days. Then they planned to go Chettiyapathu. Swamigal and Sollaiyappar took Azhwar with his cradle. Thirupuzhi Azhwar has another name called “Thirukuzhandhai Azhwar”. Thirupuzhi Azhwar has a separate shrine in Aindhuveetu Swamy temple.