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SRI VAIYANA PERUMAL–ANANDHAMMAL (Vaduganadhar and Ponnammal)

This is the first birth of Vaiyana Perumal and Anandhammal.The story opens in the riverbank of Vaigai. Mr.Vaduganadhar and his wife Ponnammal are the couple has no children. They are from Kazhugumalai in Tuticorin district. One day the couple hears a cry of a baby in the bush of thumbai plant at the riverbank of Vaigai. Both of them work towards the cry of the child and there they discovered a divine child. They took the baby with them and thanked Goddess Sri Meenachi for that child.

The couple named the child as “Thumbaiappar”, because he has taken from the thumbai plant. Both of them pampered the child with great affection and love. By the time, his name changed as “Ayappar”. He has grown with a divine quality and he became a seven year old boy. At this time, Vaduganadhar and his wife go to Sri Meenachi Amman temple at Madurai. They took Ayappar with them. In the crowd of the temple, the couple missed their gifted child. They searched all the places, but he lost and they returned home with sorrow. Ayappar also searched his parents, but he lost and then he joined a grocery shop near that place.

Ayappar at Madurai

At the penance time of Goddess Sri Meenachi in Madurai, the maids buy things in the grocery shop. Ayappar briskly provides the things to the maids. Sri Meenachi is surprised that the maids came quickly from the shop. The maids explain about the quick supply of the boy Ayappar. On hearing this, Sri Meenachi eager to see that boy and on the next day the maids bring him to the Goddess. Both the boy and Sri Meenachi Amman talked for some time. And Sri Meenachi asks him to come whenever he gets time. From that day, Ayappar daily goes to see the Goddess and worship. One day, his parents Vaduganadhar and Ponnammal saw their children at Meenachi Amman temple. They went to his son and hugs with full of love. They ask him to come with them, but he thinks of the Goddess. Suddenly he went to inform this to his divine mother Sri Meenachi. She permitted to go with his parents. Sri Meenachi gave him a lemon and a mirror. And she told that he would come back when the lemon get decompose and when the mirror image get blurred. Ayappar came with his parents and he takes the lemon and mirror with him. He reared a horse and take lots of care. Regularly, he worships Sri Meenachi and passed some days. One day at the time of prayer, he saw the decomposed lemon and blurred mirror. Suddenly he ready to go Madurai to see his mother Sri Meenachi without informing his parents.

Periyaswamy (Ayappar) started his holy travel towards the south. His parents Vaduganadhar and Ponnammal worried on hearing this incident. They decided that his son would never come and on this anxiety, they died.

Second birth of Vaduganadhar and Ponnammal

One of the followers of Swamigal is a Weaver. He has no children. To resolve the troubles of both Swamigal and Weaver, Annai Meenachi gives second birth to Vaduganadhar and Ponnammal. Next day the Weaver and his wife hear a cry of two babies. They run towards the sound and there they saw two babies. They took them and decided to adopt the children. The weaver brings the babies to Swamigal. He knows that the children are his parents and become happy. However, he didn’t reveal the birth secret of his parents to anyone. He blessed the babies and returned to Weaver.

Attains a Divine State

The children grown by the weaver attain the marriage age. The weaver and his wife planned to do marriage between the youngsters. But the children did not like it, because they are grown as brother and sister. They are husband and wife in their before birth. No one knows the birth secret of the children. On fear of marriage, they sneak themselves in the Godown. Then, both of them reached a divine state and they accepted by Annai Meenachi. They become one of Gods in Ainthuveetu Swamy temple as “VAIYANA PERUMAL” and “ANANDHAMMAL”.

In Aindhuveetu Swamy temple, all Gods have separate shrines other than these two Gods. There is a way between the two Gods within the shrines. Vaiyana Perumal called as “Therku Veetaiya”. The people offer silver balls to Vaiyana Perumal, if they have any tumors. They believe that it will cure by Vaiyana Perumal.

Vaiyana Perumal–The Accountant

Vaiyana Perumal considers as the accountant of the Ainthuveetu Swamy temple. He manages the transaction between the devotees and the Gods of Ainthuveetu Swamy temple. He stores the offering and panividai of people that they promise to do. If anyone forgets his or her offering or panividai, Vaiyana Perumal informs to Aathiswamy. People believe that Aathiswamy will come in a horse to remember their offerings. If anyone sees a horse with a person in their dream, they remember their missed panividai to the Ainthuveetu Swamy temple. If we bring any things from Ainthuveetu Swamy temple to home, Vaiyana Perumal will collect five times of that thing from us. People warn their children not to take any things from the Ainthuveetu Swamy temple.

Vaiyana Perumal has “Damaru” (udukai) in his hand to foretell (arulvaaku) for his devotees. The specialty of this temple is the God itself tells the future (kuri solludhal) of his people. If the people who worship this temple go to any other fortune teller, they refused to tell. The fortune-teller knows the power of Vaiyana Perumal. People tell their problem to Vaiyana Perumal and they get a reply by the sounds of lizards in the temple.