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The person who takes fasting for the Aindhuveetu Swamy temple should take a bath at early morning. He or she should participate in all pojas of the temple. They should be clean and neat. The curry (kuzhambu) of the day food should not condiment (thalithal). Small part of the day food taken in a box for the noon poja. After the poja, Annavi takes that food. Then, he distributes the food to patients. During the fasting time, the person should eat the prasadham giving in the temple.

One should not avoid the prasadham because of any other fasting day (like Friday, Tuesday, Shasti, etc.). Within the temple, we should not use things like pillow and chair. The chair in the administration office of this temple and other sitting benches placed only after getting permission from Periyapiratti Amman. They get “Nilai utharavu” from Annai Periyapiratti. If anyone does rowdyism inside the temple, he will punish by the Gods of Aindhuveetu Swamy temple. If the devotees forget their things in any place inside the temple, no one would touch it. If anyone takes other’s things with themselves without knowing, they will return it in the office of the temple.