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The people of Tuticorin surroundings earn money by selling Palm Jaggery (karupatti). They take loads of Jaggery in a bullock cart to sell it in the markets of Kovilpatti, Sathanur, Sivagasi, and in other places. Usually the vendors take rest at kazhugumalai during their travel. One day, a security (kavalan) come and asks ‘what is in the bullock cart’. They did not recognize that the security is the Swamigal of Aindhuveetu Swamy temple. They lied that the loads are of manure (dung). The security said ‘ok’ and went.

Then, the vendors continue their travel. When they open the loads for sale, the Jaggery changed as manure. Now they understand that the security is their God of Aindhuveetu Swamy temple. Immediately, they go to the temple and feel sorry their mistake. The God forgives them and blessed to change manure as Jaggery. Since this incident, every Sithirai 17 the vendors offer “Padhaneer kanji” to swamigal. Now they offer “Sakkarai Pongal” because of the demand of Padhneer in that place.