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The total area of this temple is four acres. The temple is surrounded by big walls on the four sides and it has two entrances, one in the eastern side and in the northern side. When we entered through the northern entrance, we can see the shrine of SRI PERIYA PERUMAL (Sri Periyaswamy). Next the shrine of SRI VAYANA PERUMAL and ANANDH AMMAL, next to this shrine of AATHI SWAMY and finally we can see the shrines of THIRUPULI AAZHVAR and SRI PERIYA PIRAATTI. Because of having six Gods in five separate shrines, the temple got the name as SRI AINTHUVEETU(FIVE) SWAMY TEMPLE.

This temple is worshipped by the local area people and they follow simple poja methods. There is no statue for Gods other than Sri Periyaswamy. The structure of this temple does not follow “Aagama” rule and so we cannot see vimanatower, front-mandapa, maha-mandapa, andartha-mandapalike in other temples. The people itself can go to the sanctum and make pojas.