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Chettiyapathu village is full of Hindus and the main occupation of this village people is trade. The name ‘Chettiyapathu’ came because of the huge number of traders lived in that village.

The village has not only the Sri AindhuveetuSwamy temple, but also other two temples. On the northern side of Chettiyapathu, there is SRI SIDHAMBARA ESHWAR temple and in the center SRI VINAYAGAR temple. Sri AindhuveetuSwamy temple is an ancient temple. Before 15 years, a statue of AANJINEYA was newly placed opposite to the shrine of Sri Periyaswamy.

Each temple has its own history, most of the ancient histories are the legendary stories from our ancestors. Now we are going to see the legendary story of Sri AindhuveetuSwamy temple.