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PERIYAPIRATTI – Temple for Annai Meenachi

Periyaswamy asks his divine mother, ‘what is the next thing he wants to do’. Annai Meenachi told to build shires for herself and for Periyaswamy. He asks to choose places for them. She chooses one place for herself and another for Periyaswamy. According to the words of Annai, he made both of their shrines.

Every month Periyaswamy continued the full moon and new-moon day pojas for PERIYAPIRATTI (Annai Meenachi). Peoples from the surroundings came to know about the power of Periyaswamy. Many people from the nearest places of Chettiyapathu come to worship this temple. Periyaswamy treated all peoples equally. He allowed all to worship Annai Periyapiratti without any discrimination. He always says that all are the children of Annai Meenachi so no one can discriminate others. Periyaswamy instructs that the combination of Bidi leaf (Aathi ilai) with neem (vembu) leaf is the best medicine for all diseases. He healed many diseases of people with these leaves. Through his teachings, he purified the soul and body of peoples.