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Hanuman is the greatest devotee of Sri Rama. People see the monkeys as the form of Hanuman. He is the symbol of strength and energy. He also called as “ANJINEYA”. In the Ainthuveetu Swamy temple, an Anjineya statue is newly placed before 15 years. People give banana to monkeys coming to the temple. They offer butter, banana and garlands of basil leaves to Hanuman.

Every year, Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated between March to April (Margazhi month in Tamil). People offer garlands to Hanuman with vada, basil leaves, and betel leaves. The prasadham in Anjineya temple are the basil leaves and sendhooram. They give sendhooram instead of kumkum. In the Aindhuveetu Swamy temple, they do poja everyday for Hanuman since it placed before 15 years.